The truth about Obama and the bail outs

When will people actually get their stories straight???

Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Babeu, recently stated that he believes the President is committing treason by fighting the State of Arizona on SB1070.   During an interview on NBC Sunday Morning Today here in Phoenix, he said, among other things, that the government “owns the banks, the auto industry, and the insurance companies.”

There are blogs slamming Sheriff Babeu for doing an interview on WLRM-AM, a radio station in Tennessee with white nationalist themes.  But THIS blog is not about the Sheriff’s disdain for SB1070.  This blog isn’t about Babeu thinking Obama committed Treason, (even though he is an ACTIVE duty Army Reserve officer and by slamming his Commander-In-Chief, should be court-martialed)  This blog is all about the fact that the Sheriff apparently doesn’t have his bail-out facts straight.  One thing that really bothers me is that if you are going to do an interview and speak your opinion, you should be sure that what comes out of your mouth is a vetted fact.

Sheriff Babeu’s statement that our government owns the banks, the auto industry, and the insurance companies is true, but he is blaming this on President Obama.  Sheriff Babeu…the bail out of the banks, Wall Street, the auto industry  was done by President George W. Bush.  You can blame the “bail-out” of the insurance companies on President Obama, who, by signing the healthcare reform bill into law, handed the already fat insurance companies, millions more.  The bank and auto bail outs…George W Bush!

I am always puzzled as to why people on the Right can’t seem to recall everything that W pushed through during his tenure.  The whole economy collapse began shortly after he took office.  And don’t forget the war began under false pretenses! Talk about the National Debt…

I most certainly am not thrilled with how President Obama is doing things in Washington.  However, it is NOT his fault that our tax dollars went to bail out huge corporations who got too fat to monitor their fiscal spending, and screwed US in doing so.  I was never in favor of any bail outs, and I, along with about 75% of registered voters, said the same to their representatives.  Yet, nearly Senator and Congress person voted FOR it!

And regarding his adamant support of Arizona SB1070…neither he, nor ANY of the other Sheriff’s very publicly supporting SB1070, defend ANY counties on the border between Arizona and Mexico!!

Just sayin’