Hillary and my gut

How have we come to accept blatant lying as the norm for our elected officials?  As I was growing up I learned that your word was your bond.  My Dad taught me that.  I have never forgotten it, and I have never lied because of it.

Over the last several months I have had discussions with many of my friends regarding Hillary Clinton.  It’s no secret in my circle that I am no fan of Hillary!  I didn’t like her in 2008 and I don’t like her now.

The defense I get about her is that she has the best experience and will be best for our country.  In comparison to who, Donald Trump?  Wow, what a sorry comparison.  A bloated orange man who is a misogynist, a bigot (possibly an honorary member of White Supremacist groups), a hater of women, all Muslims, Mexicans, handicapped people, and just about any group you can label.

He has called Hillary, “crooked Hillary.”  Pretty much every single word that pours out of his foul mouth makes me want to vomit, but I have to say, after the press conference by FBI Director Comey, I must take a deep breath, hold my nose, and agree with a man I loathe!

Do I want Trump to run my country?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Do I want someone with experience who I can trust?  Absolutely.  Do I want either Hillary OR Trump?  Absolutely NOT.

My argument with my friends, who have given me countless reasons why I should get on board with Hillary, is that my gut doesn’t feel good.  Now I know that may sound a bit “woo woo” to many of you, but during my 70 years on this planet, I have learned to always believe in and trust my gut, and my gut has never failed me, EVER.

I felt the same way about George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, as it turns out, my gut was right once again.  I mention Bush and Cheney to show that my gut is not partisan.  It could care less whether it’s a man or woman; black or white; Muslim, Christian, or Jew; gay or straight; handicapped; or different from me in any way.  My gut just knows and I always go with its flow.

Today, I decided to write this after watching Hillary Clinton speaking in March of 2015 and saying that she never sent any classified or top secret emails, only used one device, and was totally innocent of all charges.  On the split screen of Hillary speaking last year, was FBI Director Comey telling the American people that Hillary did in fact sent and receive classified and top secret emails, and that she did so using more than one device.  He went on to say that she was “extremely careless” and used “poor judgment,” but did so with “no willful intention.”  For this reason he is not recommending charges be filed.  She may not have done any of this with intention, but she did it just the same, and she lied about it.

Also blackening the eye of Hillary’s campaign was the horrid and totally irresponsible optics of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, having a “chance” meeting with the Attorney General of the US, Loretta Lynch, the woman who heads up the Justice Department.  No matter what was discussed between them, that meeting raises all sorts of questions in the wake of Comey’s recommendations.  No, I don’t believe that Lynch influenced Comey, and I doubt that Bill was stupid enough to ask for a favor from Lynch, but it has raised too many questions in the ranks of us American voters.

This email issue has been turned over to the Department of Justice, but Comey made it clear that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case” to trial.  To me, that’s a clear message to career prosecutors to dismiss this case.  This makes me uneasy, especially in light of the fact that there are people in jail now who have done far less than Hillary.  I hope these people will get their attorney’s to resubmit their cases, because if Hillary doesn’t belong in jail, then neither do any of these others.

Unfortunately for our country, my gut was right again.

For the transcript of Comey’s statement in its entirety, click here.

Author’s note:  My readers should know I have been a Bernie Sanders supporter since he first came to Arizona last July and I saw him in person, with 11,000 other Arizonans, and I was hooked.  I liked what I heard, and I liked that I finally could support a candidate who could actually pass a polygraph.  He actually talked about the issues concerning average Americans like me, and I was thrilled that I could finally support a candidate and not feel as if I were settling for the lesser of two evils.  Since it appears that Bernie didn’t make it (though I doubt some of the findings), I reluctantly tossed my hat into Hillary’s camp to ensure that Trump gets nowhere near the Oval, let alone the White House.  But now I am back to square one.  I still want to make sure Trump doesn’t get elected, but since I can’t vote for Hillary, now what?


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