Corn, it’s everywhere

How many of you know that we’re sharing the planet with corn? Yep, the tall tropical looking grass, called Zea Mays, is corn, and it’s everywhere! Old baseball players come from corn fields and extra-terrestrials do artwork in corn fields!

But seriously, do you eat beef?  Then you’re eating corn. Do you eat lamb? Turkey? Eggs? Then you’re eating corn. Do you enjoy ice cream, drink milk, eat cheese? Then you’re eating corn. Even fish, who are naturally carnivore’s, have been coaxed into eating corn

Everything you ingest that contains high-fructose corn syrup (soon to be labeled corn sugar)  is from corn. And beer, which is alcohol fermented from glucose, is refined from corn.

Modified starch, glucose syrup, maltodextrin, crystalline fructose, ascorbic acid, caramel color, coffee whitener, MSG, xanthan gum, and a myriad of other curious ingredients…all began as corn.

According to Michael Pollan, author of “The Omivore’s Dillemma” states “there are some 45,000 items in the American supermarket…more than a quarter of them contain corn in some form.” That’s nearly 12,000 products.

And would you believe that corn is in things we don’t eat too? Yep, everything from “…disposable diapers, trash bags, cleansers, charcoal briquettes, matches, and batteries, to the shine of the cover of your favorite magazine which contains corn, as does the vegetable wax used to protect produce, and the coating on the cardboard” in which the vegetables were shipped to the store. Corn, corn, corn – it’s everywhere.

The supermarket in which you shop contains corn too. It’s in the “wallboard, joint compound, linoleum, fiberglass and adhesives out of which the building has been built.”

Another tidbit of information you may not know is that corn, along with soy, is the MOST genetically modified organism on the planet. Thanks Cargill and Monsanto for taking perfectly good produce and turning into something our bodies can no longer recognize as food!

Learn more by reading Michael Pollan’s book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” from which I have taken the above quotes.  And don’t miss “Food, Inc.” an eye-opening documentary about the food we eat.


7 thoughts on “Corn, it’s everywhere

  1. Corn is not as common as Pollan would have you believe. Although it does seem to be everywhere. That’s because it is such a wonderful source of starch. Starch that modern science has learned to modify to produce so many useful products.
    Beef is not all from corn. In fact most beef is pasture feed for most of their life. Even when corn is part of the diet it is never all of the diet. Some areas of the world feed their cows wheat or barley instead of corn.
    Most beer is fermented from barley, not corn. Some beer is fermented from wheat.
    Because a plant has been genetically modified does not make it bad. Man has been modifying corn for over 5000 years. The biggest changes in corn were not in the modern era, but in pre historical times when ancient man collected seeds of what was to become corn and planted only the best ones.
    There are now 5 main types of corn. Sweet, pop, dent, flint and pod. Sweet corn, flint corn and pop corn are mainly for human consumption. Dent corn is the industrial source of starch, protein and minerals that is used as a livestock feed, an ethanol source and industrial feed stock.
    As omnivore’s our bodies recognize many things as food. As long as it can be broken down to basic sugars and amino acids it is food. Because someone used a gene gun and moved a gene from one place to another does not make it no longer food.
    If you want the truth about corn check with corn growers, not Pollan.
    Oh, and it’s Zea Maize, not mays.

    • Michael, thanks for reading my article about corn. I do disagree with you, however, that genetically modified plants are not bad. When moth genes are spliced with potatoes, or arctic char fish genes are sliced with tomatoes, your body most definitely does not know how to process it. Way too many people are sick these days and it is because we are eating Frankenfood, not God-created produce. Plus, it doesn’t matter how long cows are grazed, corn used for finishing makes them sick, which is why they are pumped full of antibiotics. Their bodies are sensitive to the corn much like some of us have reactions to certain pollens and weeds. Grass is their natural diet and we’ve got to stop bypassing the natural process for plants and animals just so we can eat them faster. As for me calling corn Zea Mays…I got that title from my research…it is as correct as Zea Maize. And somehow I feel you’ve missed the point here…I was merely reporting about how much corn is around us and how many ways it’s used. But then, I see by your wordpress handle that you’re a farmer…

      • Sorry, cattle are not pumped full of antibiotics. Check with a beef producer or veterinarian for the real scoop on that.
        Corn is a grass Always has been. Cattle eat many things other than grass on pasture so saying cows should only eat grass is short changing the wonderful rumen that helps them change cellulose into simple sugars.
        No matter how much man messes with it, it is still dependent on God’s handy work to make it grow.
        As a farmer, it’s my job to understand how these things work. I get very distressed when people like Michael Pollan try to tell you they are experts when they are not nutritionists, nor veterinarians or even plant science students. Don’t buy into the crisis of the day theories of those who are not in the industry.
        Yes, corn is every where. Isn’t it wonderful!

      • Michael, True, corn is a grass but it’s not one cows naturally choose to eat while grazing. I make my own decisions from information distributed by many people – Michael Pollan is only one. I am, however, a nutritionist, and I get distressed when huge corporations screw around with the food that God gave us. And God may be necessary to make things grow but once that altered food enters our bodies, it’s not always recognized as edible. You can’t splice fish genes with a tomato and still call it a tomato. At least, I don’t believe you can. Frankenfood doesn’t work for me. Sorry, I won’t be checking with many vets since they, as with human medical doctors, usually (and I do mean usually, because I know there are always exceptions) only know how to treat symptoms with pharmaceuticals instead of actually heal. Corn is everywhere and I personally don’t think it’s wonderful unless it’s organic and hasn’t been tampered with by scientists and chemical companies. BTW, organic popping corn, prepared using organic coconut oil, is absolutely scrumptious! Give it a try!

  2. Great commentary. It is like watching a tv news show. I knew corn was amazing. . .
    I agree it is in too many places it shouldn’t be.
    What can we turn other vegetables into?

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