It’s not private property if it’s a state run facility!

This morning I met a friend, for whom I have been saving newspapers for her to take to Best Friends in Utah. I handed her the papers and chatted for about a minute when a car pulled up and the woman driving asked if she could help us. She said we were on private property and would have to leave.

We were about twenty feet from the street where the road meets to take you to one of the Arizona juvenile detention centers, and thousands of yards from the actual facility. Nowhere is there a sign stating that we were on private land, and nowhere was a sign that said “no trespassing.” There is  simply a sign with the Arizona emblem and words that say it is the Adobe Mountain Juvenile Detention Center, that’s it!

We left, but as I was driving home I began to think of all the questions I should have asked, like “where’s the ‘private property’ sign?” This whole incident just made me madder the closer I got to my house. After all, the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center, a triage and rehabilitative care facility for sick and injured wildlife, shares the property with the detention center. In fact, last November, the wildlife center held an open house and gave directions, telling people to turn into the Adobe Mountain Juvenile Detention Center.

So what the heck did we do wrong? Am I missing something? Is this a police state?  The detention center is a state-run facility and therefore, is NOT located on private property. In fact, since I live and work in Arizona, I contribute not only to the facility, and the care and feeding of the inmates, but to the salary of the woman whose impressive sleeve badge had obviously gone to her head.

So I say to the Adobe Mountain Juvenile Detention center…if you don’t want people to turn around, or hand off newspapers at the edge of the property, I suggest you post a sign saying that it is private property. But, wait a minute, you can’t, because it is a State facility, and therefore, NOT private property.

Just sayin’…

Author’s note: Though I usually post photo’s when I blog, I opted not to return and take a photo of the sign. I apologize to my readers for the lack of visual.