It’s not that I’m not grateful every single moment of every day, but certainly, days before Thanksgiving, the thankfulness I feel for my dear friends and family is worth mentioning publicly.

Without my daughter Trish, and my two closest friends, Dan and Cindy, I have no idea how I would have survived this past year.  Oh, and I cannot leave out my cherished dog Rosie ( a Pit Bull, by the way).  I may shower and dress before I meet Cindy or Dan, but Rosie loves with with morning breath and through every single bad hair day.

Who makes your life better?  Think about it today and every day, and let each person know just how special they are in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Country Pride

There are stations with trash cans and plastic bags all along the path I walk every morning with Rosie, yet each day I see the “evidence” from many different dogs.  People…how hard is it to grab a bag, bend over, scoop up the poop, and toss it into the trash can?  I mean everything has been provided for you…all you have to do is pick it up.  This truly irritates me.

I usually pass by, shaking my head in disgust, and wonder who leaves this stuff behind?  Yesterday morning I got bags and picked up after five different dogs.  To their owners…You’re welcome! 

Today’s walk included another path along the canal and not only was there evidence of many dogs having stopped to do their business, but there were broken bottles and trash strewn around too.  I find this interesting since the city provides HUGE cans in which to throw all garbage…another for recyclables…so there is no reason to dump trash in the public areas of our community.

Have we all just given up?  Has the current economic situation caused people not to care?  Isn’t it bad enough that our home values have plummeted and many homes in each neighborhood are empty?  Were some of the people who are tossing trash over their fences considerate about their surroundings at one time, or have they always been pigs?

Behind my development there is a large strip of desert owned by the city.  People have dumped dead trees and other vegetation, old tires, large piles of dog poop, dirty diapers, empty boxes, and various other things that clearly go into ones OWN trash can for the city to dispose of properly.  But apparently, some of my neighbors believe this piece of land is their personal dump.

I live in a neighborhood that wasn’t even on Mapquest or Google until about nine months ago, so it’s not an established area, and all of the houses are fairly new (mine is only two years old).  I would think that people who live in new houses would want to keep their property and the area in which they live, clean.  I would be wrong.

So what puzzles me is how far from the city do I have to move, not to be surrounded by other people’s trash?

I don’t believe it matters what socio-economic group you fall into, but unless you’re too old to do it, or too sick to care, taking pride in your neighborhood reflects on your city, your state, and your country.  With all the flags flying, support our troops car magnets, and enormous interest in this election, doens’t it seem a simple thing to at least keep pick up after your dog?