Straight Talk

My head is buzzing. Let’s begin with this question:  How does having been a prisoner of war validate your ability to be Commander-In-Chief?  And how does a few minutes with several heads of state give you foreign policy experience?  With this theory can I meet with my doctor and then be allowed to perform brain surgery?  Cool!

OK, now let me get down to the issue of John McCain and how he’s totally derailed his Straight Talk Express.

Though at this posting there is a temporary bailout plan that has been hammered out, but yesterday, in a knee-jerk reaction, John Boy put a halt to his campaign and flew himself to Washington to “work” on the financial crisis.  Have you forgotten, sir, that you are not on ANY financial committee, therefore, you could not have attended or participated in any of those closed-door meetings?  Nice try kiddo.

As for postponing Friday’s debate, I have to side with Obama in asking, “John, can’t you do more than one thing at a time?”  WOW…if not, then how do you plan on running this Nation?  I think many things happen simultaneously, pretty much every day.  And you say you’re prepared.

Today, a friend of mine forwarded me a list of statements about John McCain that she got from her friend; I have to share.  I don’t know this guy but I have been assured he won’t mind and would be thrilled for as many people as possible to know this stuff.  Read on:

  • Mr. McCain lied last Sunday when he said that his campaign manager has had no dealings with Freddie Mac since 2005.
  • An article in the September issue of an insurance magazine quotes McCain as saying that America should do with health care what we did with banking.  (Really?)  People are beginning to learn that his plan for health care will remove tax exemptions on employer-paid benefits.  He thinks this is necessary as an incentive to encourage individuals to go out and buy their own insurance.  His proposed $2500 tax credit is supposed to pay for this.  Most of us realize that this plan amounts to a tax on US…middle America.
  • How valid is Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential choice if his team feels the need to shield her from the press?  (I think all of us who heard her interview with Katie Couric know why)
  • McCain’s general testiness, his inability to admit he misheard a question or answered in error, and to carry his denial to ridiculous extremes, has become quite a liability.  Just go to YouTube and type in John McCain to watch him say one thing very emphatically and then, days or weeks later, say quite the opposite.  Most often, his implausible and damaging denials far outweigh any harm that might have come from simply admitting an initial mistake or mishearing.  (hell, I say “what?” all the time and don’t remember much without posting sticky notes all over my office)
  • McCain’s deep links to lobbyists of all sorts is becoming more well-known; many in the form of his closest advisers and members of his campaign.

Food for thought, eh?

Next I’d like to know what the huge rush is to strike a deal on this bailout?  Could this be yet another shiny object? (read my blog “Shiny Objects” posted 9/19/08) Personally, I believe that more time should be taken before agreeing to a 700 BILLION dollar deal.  Any financial adviser worth his salt would recommend the same.  And why are we giving CPR to Wall Street NOW when the patient has nearly expired?  Shouldn’t action have been taken weeks, months, or years ago?  I’m just not so sure about any of this, and I bet I am about 99% correct when I say, neither do my fellow Americans.

In response this crisis and in reference to an article on my local newspapers website today, one guy said:  “Don’t worry.  Some old fossil, who can’t even work a computer, is flying in to fix this.”  Ya gotta love this guy.

I don’t want my head to explode, so I’ll end with some good news:

The Humane Society of America, in an unprecedented move, endorsed Barack Obama in a clear statement against Palin and her total disregard for animals.



Are Pit Bulls the new “minority?”

Here we go again…today I received email from an animal welfare colleague asking that I sign a petition against a proposed ban on all dogs considered to be from the bully breed category; Ohio HB 568.  You can go there now if you like, even before you read any more.  Ohio HB 568

How does one legislate compassion, love, morality, or decency?  Good question, because this breed is continually persecuted because they are strong, tenacious, and loyal to their owners…they used to be called the babysitter dog.  Some have been trained by unscrupulous holders who consider watching animals fight until one is critically injured or dies, a sport.  It is barbaric!

Ohio HB 568 proposes that:

  • No person shall own, keep, or harbor a dog that belongs to a breed that is commonly known as a Pit Bull dog.
  • No later than 90 after the effective date of this bill, a person who owns, keeps, or harbors a Pit Bull dog will be forced to surrender the dog to a dog warden.
  • Within 10 days of surrender, the dog will be euthanized.
  • If an officer has probable cause to believe that a dog is a Pit Bull, the officer may apply for a search warrant.  After obtaining a search warrant, an officer shall seize the dog and transfer the dog to a dog warden, who shall euthanize the dog within 10 days.
You want to kill ME?

You want to kill ME?

This reminds me of the gathering up of all Japanese Americans right after Pearl Harbor and interring them in camps around the country.  Talk about profiling!!  At least most of the Japanese were eventually released.  Arrested Pit Bulls will not enjoy the same luxury.  And no one forgets the concentration camps run by Hitler.  Is this as far as we’ve come?

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) Massachusetts is discussing something similar with HB 5092.    You can read about that bill at Massachusettes HB 5092

Do people in general, and specifically the people who govern, really believe that instituting this type of legislation will really deter this type of behavior?  Viscous and violent people remain so, no matter how many laws are passed.

Everyone appears to be aghast at the genocide taking place in Darfur; I certainly am, but how is this any different?  Yes, there are many of you out there who don’t consider animals to be equal with man, but both humans and animals are living beings and we both suffer in the same ways.  We also respond to love and compassion, food and shelter.  We usually will do anything our “parents” ask of us too.

Banning an entire breed of dog is genocide.  Are we not more civilized than this in America?  And if we’re not then what is the future of the human race?